Tuesday, May 23, 2006

May 23rd, 2006 -- Ratchet rocks

These days the Pugs repository was unusually silent, so did the channel which is full of joining and leaving messages. The main reason might be the disappearance of Audrey: her last commit was on May 18th, five days ago.

These days I spent most of development time on understanding and fixing ratchet. The goal was to make it handle compile_p6grammar.pl correctly. I achieved it several hours ago by properly handle match objects generated by quantified subrules. The result is:
$ time perl compile_p6grammar.pl MiniPerl6.grammar > MiniPerl6.pm
real 0m0.602s
user 0m0.516s
sys 0m0.027s

which took about two and half a minutes to complete, a two hundred times speed up. Amazing.


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